This blog is a growing collection of Finn spirit, habits, cultural details and practical tips. Served to you as text, photos, videos and interactive games through this site and social media.

Whether you are considering traveling to Finland or are having a general interest on all that Finnishness embodies, I hope my blog brings you authentic information. This is a one-woman mission to spread the word about the bliss of Finland. I think we are the best-kept secret of the North.


Behind these tidbits is me – Varpu. I’m currently city folk but originally from a tiny village called Kuhmoinen in Central Finland. I’m a curious country girl with buckets of ideas and mediocre photographing skills. I get easily excited, talk too fast and love all things fluffy. Obviously, I have a severe crush on my country and its’ peeps.

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Special thanks to Petteri Kallio, Someb and friends for the help making and improving this blog. Finland map – curtesy of Finland – Single Color by FreeVectorMaps.com.