Things that Finns fear

It is September and autumn is here in Finland. The windy weather, gloomy evenings, wellingtons, deer flies, flu and rotting smell of nature. I just love this time of year! I get all cozy by the fire place and carried away with thinking deep stuff.

I have been keeping a little diary about the fears of Finns. My research includes utterly biased media surveillance and observations from the last 25 years.

Varpu’s little list of things that Finns fear:

  • You have guests and you run out of food
  • Your neighbour has a bigger salary than you
  • Your summer cottage is violated by burglaries
  • You are hit by a lightning
  • Your vacation weather is be bad
  • You overpay for a product
  • You ruin your child with bad parenting
  • You are attacked by bear
  • You are not understood when you speak a foreign language
  • You are in an event and you don’t know anybody
  • You are too ”healthy” when you visit the doctor
  • You are a nuisance to your family
  • You get food poisoning of eating something after the last expiring date
  • You are overdressed
  • Your child’s school has a mold problem
  • You cannot find anything what you would like to order in the restaurant menu

Dear readers, what do you fear?


    1. Varpu Poyry

      Hello! What a great topic you picked. 🙂 In my mind jealousy is indeed a really negative feeling. Somehow I think its root cause is fear.. fear of failing, fear of not working hard enough, fear of letting other people down and so on?

      Liked by 1 person

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