Moomin characters by Tove Jansson

Life lessons from Moomins

Many countries have a world famous fairytale character – Danes have Little Mermaid, Swedes have Pippi Longstocking, Belgians have Tintin and we Finns have Moomins. The Moomins are pastel colored Β hippo-like creatures living in a valley with a bunch of other peculiar individuals. They also happen to be my favorite people. If a genie would grant me a wish to meet anybody in person, my easy choice would be to visit the folks of the Moomin valley.

The relationship between me and the Moomins has lasted over twenty years. Books, comic albums and one massive video collection of the TV series. My parents recorded 15 video cassettes full of the 23-minute long episodes. Respect for them, because this was the time when stuff like that was only done manually. I think we missed like three of all 101 episodes.

My sister and I can still remember some dialogues by heart. I also recall that videos numbered 2, 4 and 7 hold my favorite episodes (When the Moomin house gets surrounded by a magical jungle. When a flood takes over the valley and Moomins escape to an odd floating theater house. When Moomintroll falls in love with a water nymph.).

Couple of things I have learned from Moomins:Β 

  1. A bold hat makes an outfit.
  2. It is okay to want to sleep the whole winter. Moomins actually do.
  3. People can be happy coming from all different family types (single parent, nuclear, solitude, pack)
  4. Difference is treated with curiosity, not prejudice.
  5. Whenever you have the possibility, lie on your back and watch clouds.
  6. Even your greatest fear can’t really hurt you.
  7. Stay away from children who have seen the episode in which Little My bites people.
  8. Icecubes help, if you didn’t listen to me in point 7.
  9. Talk straight and talk kind.
  10. Pumpkin soup is really delicious.
  11. It all works out in the end.

Ps. The featured image is an original of Tove Jansson, the talented lady who created Moomins.


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