Lake beaches in Finland

Even the smallest village in Finland has a lake beach, most likely a couple. Just search a sign with a word “Uimaranta” (Swimming beach, in Finnish) or a sign with the self-explanatory picture and follow it to the shore.

The swimming beach sign in Finland looks like this:

Näyttökuva 2017-06-17 kello 21.32.36

The beaches are maintained nicely. They have changing rooms and trash bins, in most cases a marked children’s area with shallow water and toilets of some sort. The biggest beaches have life guards for the busiest day hours.

beach dock layout

Finns are good swimmers and children are taught to swim from an early age. Thus, there is no need to panic if you see some 10-year old children on their own enjoying the sun and swimming. That is normal in Finland. The parents naturally accompany young kids.

If you come to an empty beach on a hot day, look first for a message board. All official beaches have one. There might be a note that blue-green algae has conquered the lake and swimming is not good for you health. This is quite rare in Finland, but just want to let you know.

beach base camp

When setting up a base camp, on most beaches you can decide if you want it on grass or sand. Ours today was in the middle of both.

Remember to put on sunscreen even though you think that Finland is such a northern place that you don’t need to. The sun is surprisingly strong.

beach snacks

The best part of going to the beach is of course the snacks. In my childhood, we always had homemade black and red currant juice with Marie biscuits and Carneval cookies. By the way, those Carneval cookies have been a favorite of Finnish children since 1925.

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