Getting into summer cottage mode

Finns tend to have traditions in their summer cottages. For example, certain foods only cooked when in the cottage, a certain cottage outfit, a certain cottage radio channel. These traditions take you immediately from normal life mode into summer cottage mode, which is a state of pure bliss for us Finns.

My regular is to take my booty to the dock for some morning stretching. It is a perfect place for all senses. The unstable surface challenges your core. You improve your range of motion, increase circulation and calm your mind.Β The last Oscar-winning feature is the mosquito-free space, yay!

Hamstrings stretchLungelunge with a twistinner thighs stretchNeck and shoulder stretchchild's pose

My dear readers, what are your traditions in the summer cottage?

Ps. Can you see that clever scarecrow on my left? A snake made of a garden hose, courtesy of Finnish creativity.

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