10 reasons to love a Finnish woman

  1. It takes her 10 minutes to get ready in the morning. 1 minute if she oversleeps.
  2. She is independent and makes her own decisions. That’s why you end up in adventures, owning a house or and(!) the need of arguing your points with her.
  3. She uses little amount of money to cosmetics compared to other nationalities. And she still looks cute!
  4. She knows how to party. If her heels are too high at 4 am, she will walk bare feet home.
  5. Her loved ones are always a priority to her.
  6. She is multi-talented in practical things. She can fix appliances, shorten your jeans, do you a haircut and make apple jam.
  7. She can carry very heavy things without whining.
  8. She is very effective. Taking care of two babies, writing an academic article and throwing a surprise birthday party to her mother-in-law is a normal week agenda.
  9. She is easily persuaded into trying your hobbies. Many Finnish ladies have fallen in love with their boyfriend’s hobby of downhill biking, mountaineering, surfing…
  10. If you challenge her with an almost-impossible dare, don’t be surprised when she does it.

And as a bonus – she bakes better than your mother!

Ps. Check 10 reasons to love a Finnish man.Β 

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