Enjoy Finnish fauna from anywhere

The summer arrives so swiftly and sweeps us all off our feet. This time of year makes the most ordinary morning walk feel like magic.ย The blueberries, lingonberries and lilies of the valley are blooming. Everything is in 50 shades of green. In the forest canopy fieldfares chase a crow disturbing their nesting.

Eventhough the route is familiar, you see everything in a new light. The tracks invite you deeper into the forest. The ridges formed during ice age, over 10 000 years ago, rest beneath you strong and calm. The grooves on the rock show how water and ice have sculpted the beautiful landscape you enjoy today.

The next couple of weeks offer a special chance to see Finnish fauna in real-life action. The first link I provide, is a live camera to the nest of an Ural owl couple. It particularly fun to watch when the parents are out and the chicks are tumbling around.

This second link is an invitation to spot the Saimaa ringed seal, one of the rarest seals in the world. Below it, the actual link to the live camera showing the secluded rock on which seals like to come to have a rest.

Here the actual live cam:


These fauna live cameras are annual in Finland, so if you missed this season, there will be more next spring!

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