Recipe for a Finnish summer dish

The first warm and sunny summer days hit my home town couple of days ago and we have been enjoying every ray of the sunshine. Our pale vampire skin has been glazed with sunscreen, of course. Barbecue and summer food has been the theme of the weekend. For the next couple of weeks, we have to rely on Swedish new potatoes and Dutch strawberries, but they are good enough substitutes for us too impatient to wait for the real things. The annual arrival of Finnish new potatoes and strawberries is serious business. This joyous occasion is announced in news and newspapers.

Here is a classic. Panfried salmon with new potatoes and dill sauce. It’s one of my favorite dishes and so easy to make.

New potatoes

Brush the dirt and excess skin of the potatoes. Boil z. 25 minutes until ready. Pour the water away, add a slice of butter, salt and dill on top. Notion! You eat new potatoes with their skin. You do not need to peel.


Put some butter to the pan. Wait until it has turned brown and made bubbles. That’s how you know that the pan is hot enough. Panfry salmon fillets. Depending on thickness, this takes z. 10-15 minutes. Garnish with dill.

I think you have realized by now, how much I love dill. Maybe I should rephrase this dish as “Dill with salmon, potatoes and sauce”. Anyhow, the cold dill sauce is the heart of this dish. It complements both the potatoes and salmon.

Dill sauce

This sauce recipe is a heirloom from my mother’s side. The secret of the sauce is mustard. Without mustard, white sauce tastes bland.

1 pack of natural yogurt or sour cream (z. 2 dl or 1,5 cups)

1 big table spoon of mustard

pinch of salt, sugar and freshly ground black pepper

small bundle of dill

Mix everything together, except dill. Then add dill. I often scissor the dill into small pieces on top of the sauce and then mix.ย This basic mix is very versatile and works with all different herbs. You can also add garlic or a tablespoon of squeezed lemon juice.

Sunny cooking days to us all!






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