City: Porvoo Day Trip

This beautiful town is just 50 kilometers away from Helsinki! It is the third city in my City Series (check Helsinki and Lahti).

Why visit Porvoo?

Two reasons. Firstly, Porvoo is very different from Helsinki, so you get another type of a city experience. It has a smiling, holidayish vibe which is unique in Finland. This is my favorite feature of Porvoo. It always makes me happy.

Secondly, I claim that Porvoo has the most adorable Old Town in Finland. Porvoo cherishes the picturesque wooden architecture from the 18th and 19th century which give the town its special flare. There are only couple cities in Finland where nobody had the idiotic idea of demolishing lovely wooden buildings to make way for grey box structures in the 60’s and 70’s. Porvoo is proudly one of those rare cities.

How to get there?

Porvoo is easily accessible by busses shuttling between the main bus terminal of Helsinki (the cellar floor of Kamppi shopping mall) and the Porvoo bus terminal, just at the city centre. The one-hour ride costs around 10 € and there is a bus pretty much every half hour.

Who visits Porvoo?

Porvoo is a popular place to visit also by us Finns. There are families enjoying the slow pace of old town and toddlers trying to walk on cobblestone. Porvoo is a destination for motor bikers as the scenery is gorgeous when driving the old roads. Porvoo is truly a bilingual town, where you can hear both Swedish and Finnish language.

What to do in Porvoo?

Porvoo is a perfect no-stress one-day walking destination. Linger at lunch and coffee in some of the cute restaurants and cafes. Stroll on the streets and try to visit all the little shops. Have ice cream on the bank of the river.

Food suggestions 

As an afternoon snack I enjoyed a delicious salmon sandwich and a raspberry smoothie at the Cafe Postres which has a killer decor and great light food options.

Porvoo has great lunch and dining places. It is a heaven for a foodie. All restaurants in old town are very good. Meat District, Zum Beispiel and SicaPelle to mention a few delicious choices with raving reviews.

Brunberg chocolate factory makes quality sweet treats and has a shop in old town.

Made in Porvoo

Einari & Elli– shop is a sister business. Artist Kristiina (right) makes the inspiring animal prints and lovely Jaana transforms them into products sellable in the store.

Einari & Elli shop

Design Deli is a tiny shop offering a selection of 35-40 Finnish designers and illustrators. All items in the store are both designed and produced in Finland. The below mentioned are made in Porvoo, which is pretty impressive!

Latimeria pasta servers and salad sets must be the most beautiful cutlery I have ever seen. They are produced of velvet or brushed steel.

There is a rainbow of colours and prints to choose from with Kierti antibacterial and washable dish and cleaning cloths.

Vaja tableware shows Finnish craftsmanship, elegance and functionality. The products are clean lined, stackable and manufactured as small series production locally.

Siiri bracelets and earrings are made of used bicycle inner tube and handcrafted with scissors by a talented local designer.


design deli

Culture bonus 

In Porvoo city centre, there is the home museum of the national poet of Finland, J.L. Runeberg. A taxi drive away, there is the atelier museum of Albert Edelfelt, the most famous artist of the Golden Age.

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