May Day in Finland

The May Day (in Finnish: Vappu) is a big national holiday to celebrate work in Finland. On the Eve of May Day especially young people and students are out partying. On May Day, people flock to the streets, enjoy brunch in a restaurant or if, by some miracle, there is a decent weather, picnic at a park. May Day is infamous for weather. It is usually cold and rainy, just like this year.

potato salad and frankfurters

The menu is really easy, we buy potato salad and frankfurters. For dessert we enjoy self-made donuts and mead. Decoration includes colorful serpentine and balloons.

May Day tableFor students in technical universities, Vappu is extremely important. Those were they days when also my May Day celebrations started at the middle of April and culminated to the actual day. Nowadays, I am equally happy to spend May Day peacefully at the summer cottage. This is a holiday that is flexible to your age and mood – you can enjoy it however you like it!

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