Spring forest walk

What I often take for granted in Finland is the easiness to enjoy nature’s beauty. The forests surround us so gracefully that you sometimes don’t really even see them. The lakes, so fundamental to the Finnish landscape, become a calming surface to rest your eyes. The never-ending terrain, punctuated rarely by habitation, feels like an invisible safety blanket.

spruce forest and snowpinesgrassy shoreToday, we did a 11 kilometer walk just by deciding to go around a near-by average lake, called Ihastjรคrvi.ย It is “just a small lake” in the countryside of Lakeland Finland – there are tens of thousands similar in this country.

Oh boy, how much nature there was to enjoy! Swamps with marsh Labrador tea, rocky pine forest, grassy shores, shaded spruce patches, snowy fields, first spring flowers, lekking black grouses and elegant cranes.spruces and sunfungus on a birch trunkThe nature makes me wonder. The other-than-ordinary things catch your eye in the wild. They make even the most simple scenery unforgettable. The crooked birches, the weird fungus on trunks, the red peat moss. Why some things feel deformed to us and others exceptional?

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