Best things in Finnish homes

Here are 8 things that you want to steal from Finnish homes. Once you get used to these features, you simply would not live without!

1. Shower. The water pressure is strong and steady. The temperature is easy to regulate. Hot water comes instantly, not after waiting 10 minutes and there is plenty of it.
shower faucet

2. Duvet cover. In Finland, we use a bag type of a duvet cover. In this pic you can see the actual duvet from the open corner of the cover. So comfortable and easy! We cannot understand the unpracticality of a bed sheet type of a duvet cover with a heavy blanket on top. Am I the only one who wakes up having either only that too thin cover or that coarse blanket? By the way,Β Finns also see nightmares about envelope-tugged beds.
duvet cover

3. Filter coffee. Almost all Finnish homes have a filter coffee machine at home. That’s the best coffee in the world – a bit watery self-made cup of joe. Personally, I would rather give up my microwave than my filter coffee machine.
filter coffee

4. Faucets in general. In the kitchen, in the toilet, in the bathroom and in the utility room. The Finnish standard of faucets is pristine, even in older buildings. The functionality is impeccable. This is a feature that we Finns never remember to appreciate at home, but we always realize abroad.
sink faucet

5. Insulation. When I am feeling cold, my friends from other countries are amazed.

How can that be, you are from freezing Finland?

Well, that is definitely the reason why. Finnish homes are very warm, perfected with great insulation. Triple glazed windows and underfloor heating are very common. Some people are having their houses ridiculously warm so that they can be bare feet indoors all year long (Mum, I know you are reading this. Turn the temperature colder).
triple glazed window

6. Sauna. This goes without saying. Sauna is a pretty amazing treat after a run or a hectic day at work.

7. Locking. The quality of Finnish locks is unbeatable. They are intelligently built and super safe. If it is a basic thing for you to have three keys to your apartment and no need to go to gym after fighting all doors open, be prepared to be jealous. In Finland, you would just have one key to all doors and a common locking system. Also, most locks can be opened with only one hand which is, once again, practical. (I do not work for Finnish key&lock industry, I am just terrible with locks in general, so this is a big deal for me.)
best lock

8. No shoes. We never walk around in outdoor shoes at home. We like to think that that’s why our floors are clean, the air is fresh and home is in good condition. To many Finns, it feels so uncomfortable to leave the shoes on, that we still take them off, no matter what. Even in places where we know that other people are keeping them (like hotels).
shoes in the hall


  1. TerryF

    Most of these go for Canada too – except for the sauna’s. They are rare and only occasionally found in homes of Finns. I am still waiting for someone to tell me what those little shower heads by the sinks are for!

    Liked by 1 person

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