Village shops and cafés

The slow pace in Finnish villages is charming. Spending time in the summer cottage and occasionally visiting the adorable shops in near-by locations is the perfect recipe for relaxation. Here are two of my favorite places to visit when in the area – both in the lakeland Finland. Similar village destinations can be found all over Finland, just be curious and ask around! The locals are happy to give you recommendations.

Kori – a multi-business village house is an old bus factory converted into a home of many independent entrepreneurs in the village of Villähde, about one hour drive away from Helsinki. Time goes by swiftly first having a lunch or a cup of coffee in the restaurant (open Mon-Fri 7-16.30) and then browsing through the shops.

There is a vintage shop selling stuff, old and new. In the same whimsical atmosphere, lies a big flower shop. A flea market with a sale exhibition of an artist – what a great idea! The flea market also has a lovely selection of new products of local producers. Ole Hyvä, for example, is a Finnish eco detergent company.

The other favorite of mine is in my childhood village, Kuhmoinen, two hours’ drive from Helsinki. In the sleepy village centre, there is an enchanting combination of a lifestyle boutique Kapsäkki and café Tassi (open on Saturdays in spring and all days during summer season). This is a must for me during summer. In my childhood, the boutique used to be a book shop which I often visited with my grand parents.

Beautifully renovated old wooden houses, apple trees in the garden and the serene mood make the whole place the cutest hideaway from the real world. If you ask for a taste of Finnish Feng Shui, head here.

PS. Thanks to dear Ellis for some photos!

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