Are you secretly a Finn?

Do you often feel like the oddball of a group?

Do you wonder if people really understand you?

Do you have a feeling sometimes that nothing works?

These feelings are all potential symptoms of hidden Finnishness inside you. Subtle cues which your subconciousness is throwing to your mind to wake you up. I know that for some of you, finding out that you are secretly a Finn, will be a shock, even a catastrophe. Your identity will turn upside down for a moment. Your family might have a hard time swallowing this information. They might panic. Luckily, you will respond to panic like Finns do.  After a bit of time, it will be okay. In the long run, it is a relief for everybody and a route to a happier err… well, Finnish life.

Make the test below to see if you are a secretly a Finn. Answer only “YES” or “NO” to each question.

HIDDEN FINNISHNESS personality test

  1. There are bad drivers on the roads always when you are on the go.
  2. A mobile phone can be used as a safe haven in any social situation.
  3. You love the fact that sweat pants and sneakers are in fashion.
  4. Free samples or coffee in a shop make you feel utterly delighted.
  5. “Soon” means 5 minutes to you, not any longer.
  6. You are happy in the elevator because there nobody expects you to talk.
  7. When there is a chance of saving couple of euros, it is no problem for you to change your day plan and drive extra to claim that gain.
  8. Your level of relaxation correlates with the amount of guzzled shots.
  9. Your positivity correlates with the amount of sunshine and warmth.
  10. You feel peaceful and snug when you hear sad, wistful music.

Count your YESses and scroll down..

moomin cards.png

Six YESses make you a hidden Finn! How many did you score?

Ps. I found these adorable wooden post cards from a company called Come to Finland. They sell beautiful cards and posters through their own website. I have seen these cards also in Sokos-department store chain and the posters in the museum shop of National museum in Helsinki.


  1. Phuong Minh

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG! It’s so beautiful and full of Finnish surprises. Have been living in Finland for more than 3 years, I can say with certainty that I feel more at “home” here more than anywhere else I’d lived or been too. And yes, based on the test, I’m a hidden Finn!


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