Sweet treats with coffee

I am not a big candy eater. Instead, I love homemade pastries. The baking in itself is a pleasure. Measuring ingredients, watching the dough swirl, sprinkling flour everywhere, tasting a spoonful of the dough as a sample and enjoying the delicious smell coming from the oven. It is one of my favorite things to do at home.

After 28 years of testing, I have come into conclusion which doughs are the best to eat. The winner is clear: Gingerbread dough is the most delicious! I usually bake around 10 cookies just to keep up appearances so the majority of the dough can be enjoyed without guilt.

Doughs you can leave in peace:

  • bread and pizza doughs
  • pancake dough
  • any dough that has pretty much just butter and flour.

Doughs you should taste:

  • gingerbread
  • all sweet pie, cookie and cake doughs
  • cinnamon bun dough (only when you can dip the piece of dough into melted butter, sugar and cinnamon)

Here are my favorite sweet treats at the coffee table.

Blueberry pie

Apple bake with vanilla sauce

Lingonberry crumble with ice cream

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