Enjoying a winter Sunday

This is what a great Sunday is made of, at least for me. Waking up to a gorgeous weather – sunshine, blue sky and glittering snow. We treat ourselves with a versatile breakfast and read the newspaper as slowly as possible.

By the way, natural yogurt with musli and pureed lingonberries is amazing! Just remember to add bit of sugar (or a bucket) to the berries.


After breakfast and some lingering, it is time to head outdoors. We started off by making a snow house. This type of snow house is perfect for minus degrees, when you cannot build a snow castle. The idea is that you make the floor plan and decor of the house by stumping and drawing to the snow. Can you see how there is a round table with a flower vase and four chairs? On the front, there is a kitchen unit with a stove and a sink.


Skiing is something I just picked up again. And when I say just, I mean yesterday. Safe to say, it was like that scene on Bambiย when he is born and trying to understand his legs. Just add skis. Luckily, that sport is similar to riding a bike, you somehow never forget it. That being said, I am rusty for sure. Total amount of falling on downhills: 2. Total amount of downhills: 2.

ski-girlThen it is time for food! Preparing meatballs, oven veggies, funnel chanterelle sauce and a lingonberry pie. I seriously love lingonberries.

On a full stomach, it is time to take a nap. Leisure days are so hard work. Finishing the day with some reading, video games and drawing, it is the perfect closure for this week!

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