Why Finnish in-laws are awesome

If you fall in love with a Finn, it is a package deal with the family too, of course. Luckily this is good news. I would actually hope there was a world-wide ranking for in-laws, similar to university or company image rankings, because I think Finnish in-laws would rank pretty high.

This struck to me because this week I have temporarily lived at my boyfriend’s parents’ and it has been wonderful. I made a video of the things I noticed.

First of all, they have different talents than you. It is always great watching people do something that they do well and enjoy. Even better if they can teach you. Finnish in-laws can teach you new skills, hobbies, recipes and sports you never thought you’d know.

I have earlier told, that Finns need to have enough personal space and privacy to feel comfortable. This is also the case with in-laws. As both you and they need some time and space to yourselves, it is a win-win. Even longer periods together do not feel like a struggle as there is forest, town and other rooms in the house to go to without anybody feeling hurt or forgotten. Enjoying silence in a group is a form of pastime  in Finland.

Finnish in-laws make delicious food and there is always an abundance of it. They ask your preferences and if they are able to do your favorite, it is on the menu. Eating together is a joy in which you easily get to know the inside humor of your partner and his/her family.

Anticipating and helping in things that matter the most is a talent the Finnish in-laws have. Maybe this is a parent-thing and they can extend this ability to their children’s spouses too, but it is pretty amazing. Whether it is baby sitting, being a taxi driver or doing house chores for you, they are there and even without asking.

Surprising you in a sweet, bashful way. You stumble upon the surprise, because the Finnish in-law never announces it.

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