Nightless night’s sleeping school

Spring is fast approaching and then comes the bright nights of summer months. Nightless night is a magical phenomenon as the light is beautiful and softly eerie.

I made a video showing the level of brightness we have in Finland, so you get an idea how it looks then. The norther you go, the longer and brighter the nights are. There are three options for you to survive them:  a sleep mask, a blocking curtain (not your favorite luggage to carry around) or copying with the situation.

The nightless nights come often with some nature voices. You are most likely to hear some of these voices when trying to sleep.

  1. A cuckoo. Early summer, particularly.
  2. A mosquito. Somewhere very close to your ear but never visible to the eye.
  3. A loon. When there is a lake, there is almost always a loon. 
  4. Bottles. Someone enjoying the summer night outside.

These four sounds really make the Finnish summer. To enjoy these to the fullest, please take a class in my sleeping school. It is very simple and effective. You just put the lights on in your bedroom, go to bed and put my 12-minute audio loop to soothe you into sweet dreams. Click “cc” on the video if you want to get the instructions visible.

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