10 reasons to love a Finnish man

  1. They participate in plenty of house work. (My) empiric studies show that they particularly do vacuuming, cooking and grocery shopping  with a smile.
  2. They have a great ability to crystallize things. An example below.

    Let’s say your Finnish man has been on a work trip for 2 weeks. On the last evening, you get a text: “Everything ok. Tomorrow home.”

    That is a shortage of: “I miss you like hell and I am counting down the minutes to be in your arms. You are the love of my life.” 

  3. They believe in gender equality. They nurse and love spending time with their children.
  4. They are like rocks. They make you calm, are good listeners and always mean what they say.
  5. They are handy. When there is a visit to the hardware store and an open budget, you can expect anything and the best possible tools to accomplish the task.
  6. They love to spend me time in the summer cottage, in the nature or doing sports.
  7. They agree to your decorating style. In addition, they are patient when you want, yet again, move a painting  which will then escalade into a plastering & repainting project swallowing the entire weekend.
  8. They let you decide their clothes or they have a good taste. Either way, the end result is that they look good.
  9. They like your bakings so much that you end up being slim as he always eats the majority of treats.
  10. Heh, I know which part of relationship life you are also interested in. Let me answer that one with a common joke.

    Coming back from the war, what did a Finnish man do first when arriving home? He made love to his wife.

    What did he do an hour later? He made love to his wife again.

    And what did he do then? He took the skis off from his feet.

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