Finns are sports nuts

Finland is definitely the home country of sports enthusiasts. As many other countries have few big sports that people are crazy about, the situation in Finland is, once again, a bit different.

Here any sport, no matter how small, can create a huge spectator interest. It just needs to include one ingredient: a succeeding Finn. We celebrate all wins, whether they are in major sports or in shooting, curling, bike orienteering or aerobics.

Furthermore, over the years, we have come up with quite innovative sports by ourselves so that there are at least couple of World Championships easily at our reach.ย What do you think about sports like swamp soccer, wife-carryingย or boot-throwing?

In my opinion, we Finns get easily excited and like to try out different disciplines. Sports like frisbee golf, badminton, weight lifting and parkour are surprisingly popular among different age groups in Finland. At our homes, we tend to have huge amount of equipment (balls, bats, sticks and winter sport gear). Weekly, many Finns do hours of volunteer work in sports club supporting their operation, especially if that work enables children to do that particular sport.

All Finns have a soft spot for ice hockey, as mentioned earlier. A true life-long relationship is the one with your ice hockey team. It is also considered quality time, when you take your reluctant children to see the matches and pass on the tradition.

Everyday situations turn quickly into competition fantasies in our heads. A Finn can truly enjoy himself driving (too) fast on the crooked sand roads imagining to be a rally driver. The Finnish ladies are cut from the same cloth. A cute date night can escalate into moping and unspoken irritation because, honestly –ย it just sucks to lose.

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