Finns love little innovations

One quirky feature of Finns is definitely our love and enthusiasm towards small everyday innovations. The reasons for these little innovations are to save money or time, preferably both.

The innovations focus on mundane things and products (like empty food pots, tights etc.) which you hack and find a totally new purpose of use. For decades we have had a magazine which publishes a monthly article on the best new innovations sent by people.

I share you a couple so that you get the idea.

Butter box

Cut a hole to the lid of the butter box through which you can slide a butter knife in. The butter and the knife are thus very handy united and you save time in the morning.


Add a Finnish flare to your summer by using old tights as a bug stopper with drinks. The tights nicely prevent all flying and crawling creatures from entering your glass, can or bottle. Remember to wash the pantyhose before this use! Cut into suitable pieces and tie the other end with a knot.


Laundry pins

Write every family memberโ€™s name on a laundry pin and teach all to attach theirs to their water glass. The amount of used glasses will shrink into minimum and you save money when you donโ€™t have to use the washing machine so often.


Toilet roll

You can easily make a small gift case out of a toilet roll just by turning the ends inwards. You save money and are environment-friendly. I can identify great target groups for this innovation:

  1. Mums – They love when their children do some crafts, right?
  2. Ladies – Jewelry fits nicely into this box, men!
  3. Companies – It is cost-savings everywhere, so why not wrap all staff gifts like this?


Do you have any favourite little innovations? Please share in the comment box!

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