Girly tips to freezing temperatures

There are few things I consider as important as adequate clothing when dealing with extreme winter weather. Women’s skin is much thinner than men’s so we have to take good care of it. Also, there are some other gear necessary to take with you when you go enjoying winter wonderland.

(Sidenote: I am laughing so much for that starting pic. I have to learn how to change them next. This was the best what Youtube suggested.)

Tip 1. Winter cream

Apply rich cream on your face at least one hour before stepping out of the door to moisturize your skin fully. Do not use oil-free gel-like products on your skin close to going outside in freezing conditions as it can cause frost bites.

Tip 2. Foundation

Even if you don’t normally use make-up, now you should! Foundation is the perfect cover from minus degrees.

Tip 3. Lip balm

Use a protective lip balm with sufficient power. The worst thing is to put a liquid lipgloss. That is murder to your lip tissue.

Tip 4. Mascara

Choose a waterproof or go without. A water soluable mascara will make you look like a panda when your warm exhaling air transforms into water on your lashes.

Tip 5. Hairstyle

We don’t love braids and ponytails without a practical reason. These hairstyles stop your hair being electrical and be all over your face when you are wearing beanie and possibly a hood to keep you warm.

Tip 6. Tissues

You or someone will need these for something. Runny nose, spilt over hot chocolate by the fire place, you name it.. And men never have one in their pockets.

Tip 7. Charged phone

Always check that your camera and phone are charged fully before going out in the winter because the freezing conditions eat up your battery fast.

Tip 8. One-time heat pockets

One of the best innovations ever to survive cold temperatures. Buy at a sport store, slide into your mittens, boots or both and enjoy the warmness! Easy to take with you where ever you are and to use when situation gets desperate.

(All of the products my own, not commercial through this blog.)

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