Finnish way of getting older

Finland is one of the least looks-focused country. As a nation, we spend very little money to clothes and personal hygiene make-up & grooming, compared to other European countries. This being said, we are not immune to the trends, advertising and youthness celebration.

Ageing is regarded as a natural process among Finns and not many have an active war against it. We have a liberal view on esthetic operations but they are still rare in Finland. In the future, I guess they will increase. I will be surprised if the look to go for is anything other than really soft changes. For Finns, it is very important that nobody notices that you have had something done.


Birthdays are celebrated heavily when you are a child. Nowadays most kids have two parties; one for friends and one for family members and relatives. As an adult, we tend to celebrate only the 40, 50, 60, 70.. and even then, it is optional. In most cases, the style of the adult birthday parties is relaxed. You always show up with a card and a gift. If there is some kind of wish list, it is mentioned on the invitation.


I turned 30 last year and it got me quite sentimental. Not wishing to be younger, but a feeling of nostalgy swept through me as I understood I was closing one chapter of my life; young adulthood. An unpleasant realization occurred to me that I couldn’t use my age as a convenient excuse anymore…

I elaborated a little test which has the Finnish signs of ageing womanhood. With this test you can figure out, are you a young woman or an adult woman (diplomatic phrase which I love to use) by Finnish standards.


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