Finnish winter meal-video

Bet you don’t believe that a traditional 2-course  winter meal can be made in 10 minutes?  You can! This meal has pea soup as a main course and sled slope buns for the desert.

Pea soup and buns are something typically served after spending couple of hours outdoors, preferably enjoying a glorious winter weather riding sleds, skating or skiing. All schools serve it on a specific day in February.

Preparing this meal couldn’t be easier! You throw peasoup concentrate into a kettle with water and warm it up. In the meantime, you butter some Finn crisps and pour a glass of milk to drink. In Finland, it is very common to drink milk with meal no matter what age you are!


You have time also to whip cream, slice the buns and fill them with cream and strawberry jam. This winter time delicacy is one of my favourites and can be found in all cafes during January and February. I probably should not mention this but the Swedes also love sled slope buns (semla in Swedish) and they have them available all year long..

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