Finns and cruises

Going on a cruise is very popular in Finland. It is a leisure time tradition, like going to a summer cottage. I can totally recommend going if you wish to see an accurate snapshot of the Finnish people. Young teenage couples, girl packs, old folk, business people and families with children – everybody is there. Bare in mind, that this is a mass sport so the facilities are not that glamorous. The ships are practical, nice but not Pinterest-approved.


There are three types of cruises. Those which just circle a certain period of time on the Baltic Sea. They are the main party cruises where you can see how rough it can get when Finns are all-in.  The second type is the ships which take you to Stockholm. These are 2-night “spend one day in Stockholm”-cruises and they offer a bit of that Love Boat feeling. Finally, the most popular of all, the cruises which take you to Tallinn.Usually designed so that you take a morning boat, spend couple of hours in Tallinn and return in the evening.


In my opinion, Finns fall into two categories with cruising. There are people who go regularly. Then there are people who go on a cruise once every few years to see if it is less horrible. Obviously it is not and they regret the trip the second they arrive.


Why do we then go?

Well, because it is easy, cheap and a comfortable-level distraction to a normal routine accepted by all. There are many that stack up on alcohol, because it is cheaper in Estonia. In the ship you can do lots of things: Drink. Play bingo. Dance old hits. Eat. Stick your gum under the table. People-watch. Sing karaoke. Play slot machines. Get bored because the Internet does not work. Dive into a ball pool (unfortunately many of us enthusiastics are over-aged).



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