New Year simplicity

I do not know who created the traditions of New Year in Finland but I am pretty sure it was some very tired parents. It is the most no-fuss occasion of the year.

Food: Buy ready-made frankfurters, potato salad, French fries and crisps. Self-service all night for everybody.

Drink: Sparkling wine for adults and soda for kids.

To do: Destroy all left-over chocolate and candies from Christmas.

Indoor speciality: Melt tin on the stove with a little frying pan dedicated only for that purpose. Pour to cold water. Predict your next year from the newly-formed metal lump.

Outdoor speciality: Watch or explode your own fireworks. This is the only evening when this is legal in Finland without a specific request. For volume control, all ages can use earmuffs.


At 12 o’clock: If you are awake, wish happy New Year and adjust your pillow.

Bars: So long queues that don’t even try if you don’t know the bouncer or want to go in at 22.

Resolutions: To your close ones, suggest only resolutions that help your life and you can use as extortion tools for the whole next year. A rookie mistake is to make a too difficult resolution to yourself..


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